Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a very powerful tool in exhaustively examining an issue to its core, in order to uncover underlying perceptions and rationalisations that manifest in different attitudes and behaviours. CYMAR conducts both focus groups and in-depth interviews to this effect.

Focus groups:

Focus groups are conducted at CYMAR's specially designed facilities under the direction of a skilful and experienced moderator.

For a more comprehensive experience, representatives of the client are invited to watch the focus groups, as they are carried out, through a closed circuit TV system and a one-way mirror, and witness first-hand the group dynamics as the discussion unfolds. Arrangements can be made to provide our customers with simultaneous translation of the sessions in a different language.

In depth interviews:

CYMAR also offers one to one in-depth interviews. These are conducted by senior research executives of the company, who possess the knowledge and versatility to extract all essential and valuable information from a respondent. In-depth interviews can be extremely useful in product concept development as well as determining habits and attitudes of target groups that are hard to reach by other methodological approaches.
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